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Zodiac Perfume

Zodiac Perfume

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Embrace your personality through the stars! Zodiac perfume based on your zodiac sign. Every fragrance is hand curated to reflect the traits of each zodiac sign. 

-8ml refillable

-Cute packaging with small zodiac charm 

-Vegan & Cruelty free

-Designed & Formulated in the USA

-Enclosed poem to manifest each sign's inspired intention

Capricorn: " Capricorn empowers with a grounding herbal bouquet. The cool citrus mirrors the iciness of this sign's winter season. Set a path to success with this earth sign's unwavering vibe." Fragrant Notes: Japanese Yuzu, Green Sage, Clean Musk

Aquarius: "Freedom-loving Aquarius radiates light, captivating others with an endlessly bright mind." Fragrant Notes: Verbena, Cardamom, White Fir

Pisces: "Ethereal Pisces floats in a world where time is lost and dreams are lived. Their hauntingly creative expression of what could be bring the stars within their grasp." Fragrant Notes: Neroli, Cyclamen, Water Lotus

Aries: "Fire starter Aries jumps into each day with bold determination and drive. They live in the moment, making their intense desire a reality." Fragrant Notes: Amber, Cinnamon, Tobacco Flower

Taurus: "Decadent Taurus patiently strives to create a beautiful life. Their work ethic awards the security to lavish in the finer things of life. They are the happiest lingering in life's flavor.: Fragrant Notes: Leafy Green, Iris, Sandalwood" 

Gemini: "Cheerful Gemini brightens everywhere they go. Their duality nature helps them see all sides to a story." Fragrant Notes: Orange Blossom, Mimosa Flower, Teak Wood

Cancer: "Lovely Cancer leads with their heart. They nurture gently and love hard. Their cozy nest is respite from the stormy world. They are happiest when their circle is happy." Fragrant Notes: Sweet Plum, Iris, Rose

Leo: "Flaming Leo's make great loyal friends. They are compassionate and full of heart."Fragrant Notes: Mandarin, Jasmine, Patchouli

Virgo: "Virgos are detail oriented and self sufficient. They are dependable and love their routines." Fragrant Notes: Apple, Magnolia, Sandalwood

Libra: " Charming Libra is all about spreading the good vibes. Their balanced nature eases conflict and gets the party started." Fragrant Notes: Brazilian Mango, White Peach, Freesia

Scorpio: "Mysterious Scorpio has an intensity you can't resist. Once they emerge from the shadows and reveal their complex layers, they are unforgettable" Fragrant Notes: Ylang-ylang, Patchouli, Oak Moss

Sagittarius: "Straight shooting Sag lives the free spirit life. Curiosity drives them to explore every corner" Fragrant Notes: Sweet berries, Vanilla spice, Dark Musk




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